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Paintology is a BYOB Painting Studio, Located in Erie, PA. Offering group Classes both in Studio and Mobile.

Our purpose at Paintology is to provide people of ALL skill levels with the materials, instruction, and support needed to create art they can be proud of. Paintology specializes in "Sip an Paint" classes. The 2 hour painting sessions are filled with Fun and Creativity. We offer a Variety of Paintings: Seasonal , Landscapes, Abstracts, as well as, Novelty paintings.


About the Artist

Rachel Wilson is the owner of Paintology.  She has been Painting for over 23 years. She obtained Her Teaching Certification in Art Education in 2012.

"As a process artist, my work as a teacher involves supporting your art, encouraging you to paint your way, with confidence. I offer encouragement within the freedom of self-expression, everyone is capable and each person can be a part of the process."


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